My First Post

See my email to Warnarco.  Shopping has never been so much fun.
Dear Sir or Madam,

 I recently purchased Warner’s underwear at Boscov’s in Plymouth Meeting, PA.   As I was removing the tags at home, I saw the following printed:

“Prevents Muffin Top”.

As a 49-year old woman with a master’s degree, full-time job, family, and multiple social, civic, and philanthropic engagements, etc., I find this both hilarious and offensive.  After all, aren’t women today bogged down with enough self-esteem issues?  I doubt I’d ever be able to locate a pair of men’s underwear that was labeled “Prevents Beer Gut”.  While I appreciate Warner’s attempts to help us look our best, perhaps the unfortunate culinary-related references when speaking about our stomachs and derrieres should best be avoided.

Just a suggestion, of course.  Perhaps I’ll go have my morning muffin now.


Ellen Poriles Weiler

Muffin-Top Challenged and Loving It

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3 Responses to My First Post

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    Great remark about the men’s article of clothing! Maybe, also, waist bands on the underwear that stay put so when the guys bend over, we don’t see the rest of their backsides. Some things are better left to the imagination.

  2. Becky Best says:

    I now have to go bra shopping to see what the other manufacturers say.

  3. Julie Seavy says:

    Ellen – great commentary and letter. I will enjoy reading your blog, Ibelieve!

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