Sex and The City 2 – The Non-Feminist Rant

I’m going to see this movie on Saturday with my friend Susan.  I loved the television series, loved the first movie (didn’t see it in a movie theater, but have it on DVD).  I am amused by the outpouring of feminist rants against this franchise.  It’s as if these four actresses and the writer, Michael Patrick King, have some sort of moral obligation to portray four die-hard feminists and their dramas in NYC.  On IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) hundreds of comments that the movie (and the series, for that matter) showed four narcissistic, label-loving and relationship-challenged women who are immature and annoying.  So, what if they are?  The feminists wanted Carrie not to return to Big.  The romantics (and I sure as hell am one of them) were teary-eyed when he whispered “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”  And when he said “Are you sure you’re okay, just you and me” (paraphrasing) and she said “Yes” and and he said “It would have been nice if the girls were here” and she shrugs and he says “That’s why I called them” and he flings the door open, I just lose it.   My husband loves this scene as well.  We both cry.  I mean, does every relationship have to be a battleground for female superiority and emotional toughness?  What about vulnerability and forgiveness?  What about passion?  I think it’s summed up best when Miranda says “I have a lot of thinking to do” and Carrie says “Thinking, or feeling?”

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what outrageous outfits they will be wearing, what witty sexual comments they make, and to be whisked away from my stiletto-less suburban life to the exotic world inhabited by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  It’s escapism in its purist form, and it has never disappointed.   I don’t feel the world is collapsing because these four women want to buy the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s, and I’m pretty darn sure my self-esteem, intelligence and intellect will remain intact.  Bring on the buttered popcorn!

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2 Responses to Sex and The City 2 – The Non-Feminist Rant

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    Have never been a routine viewer of the show, but my daughters love it. I was more interested in the other programs on at that time. However, the shows that I have seen were very good, and I enjoyed them and could relate to them. To me, it’s the female bonding. One’s female friends are often the ones who can really understand best and know what you’re about to say or think even before it is spoken. Nothing like having friends of one’s own gender!

  2. Jodi Golub says:

    It is all about choice. The early feminists helped give us the freedom to make them – good choice and/or bad. I too sobbed with Big’s romantic line and am thrilled that he included the ‘girls’. All of the choices those girls made through TV show and first movie seemed to be straight from the heart. Many were bad, some were good. The feminist perspective does have to allow for the possibility of growth – Carrie’s and Big’s. My head said it was dumb to reunite and my heart said, yeh – maybe they have grown a bit. Then I remember it just isn’t that big a deal and we should all be able to shed a little tear completely guilt free. We’re not setting women back if we enjoy this group and their misadventures. I’m shamelessly looking forward to the second movie.

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