Hello Summer

Summer is finally here!  The Memorial Day weekend marks the official beginning of summer in my mind, not the summer solstice usually occurring on June 21st.  Here’s a list of why I’m so head over heels in love with summer:

Warm weather – The sun shining at full blast, its warmth enveloping my skin like an attentive lover’s caress.  Sensual, restorative, and mood-enhancing.

Less clothing – I finally get to lose the layers of winter, peel off that protective coating, and just slip into a t-shirt and capris.  No socks, just an easy pair of sandals and I’m off.

The beach  – That first whiff of the ocean on your drive down to the shore; sand between my toes and water lapping at my ankles; James salt water taffy (chocolate-covered); watching my son in pure bliss as he builds sand castles and frolicks in the water until his lips turn blue; the smell of Coppertone; combing for seashells…

The food – Knowing that ice cream is now an official daily food group; lobster dinner with friends in Sea Isle City; girls’ weekend in Stone Harbor, cooking fabulous crab-avocado-tomato appetizers and sucking down margaritas and icy cold oysters at The Princeton; fresh produce all summer long – succulent Jersey tomatoes, fresh corn, blueberries, peaches…

The music – rock, jazz, reggae, calypso, Jimmy Buffett (he needs his own category) – you must purchase Incognito’s “Tales from the Beach” – if ever there was a summer sound, this is it…

The attitude – relaxed, laid back, sleep in, convertibles, flip flops, bicycles, a glass of crisp white wine, a good book, a great sunset, an ocean breeze, greenery, flowers, color abound…

So much more.  Let me know why summer is your favorite season.  I need to go now and pack my beach bag. 

P.S.  We’ll touch base Tuesday.  Enjoy the weekend!

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One Response to Hello Summer

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    It IS your favorite season. For anyone who is reading this blog and who doesn’t know you personally, will get the same idea.

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