Where is Louise? – The Wawa Paradox

About three years ago Wawa decided to discontinue its decaf hazelnut coffee.  To say I was devastated is an understatement.  Most of you who know me know that the last thing I need is more caffeine, and this was my favorite way to start my weekend mornings.   My husband faithfully would come home with a 16 oz. cup of this delicious brew, often accompanied by either an Entenmann’s chocolate frosted doughnut (the ultimate non-health food) or a Wawa hash brown patty.  Sweet or savory, both were the perfect companions to my coffee. 

I wrote to customer service at Wawa expressing my shock/panic/pain over their decision to discontinue my hazelnut decaf.  A woman named Louise replied that I shouldn’t panic because Wawa was going to debut a new line of coffees and coffee products that would most certainly please me.  Well, this never happened.  I trudged through the next year and a half or so drinking other decafs, but none lived up to the Wawa hazelnut decaf.  Then, out of the blue, one day the hazelnut decaf magically reappeared.  No warning, no signs.  It was just sitting there on the burner, waiting for me to inhale its nutty, comforting aroma.  To say I was elated is an understatement.  I won’t go as far as saying I cried tears of joy, but I was extremely happy.  I have always been happy with Wawa as a quick-stop snack and coffee emporium.  Which brings me to my lunch experience yesterday.

I decided to vacate the air-conditioned tomb where I spend 8 hours a day (otherwise known as “work”) and to grab a sandwich and sit and read in the little park at the Comcast Center.  Wawa was the convenient choice, so I strolled over to grab a turkey hoagie. 

Turkey Hoagie:  turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, little mayo, little oil, pepper, oregano.  I skipped the onions because I had a 2:00 meeting, otherwise they would have been thrown in the loop as well.  An Asian Pear Snapple rounded out the meal.  Parked on the bench in the blazing sun, I was content.  Content, that is, until I opened up my sandwich.  Pickles and peppers piled high on my sandwich!  What were these culinary interlopers doing on my hoagie?  Now normally I love pickles and peppers, but heck, I didn’t want them on this particular sandwich.  I looked at my printout to double check.  No pickles on the printout.  Obviously the sandwich maker (doubtful a bachelor’s degree is necessary for this, but then again maybe it is) decided that pepper was peppers, and she went to town with them.  After much scraping, removing and rearranging, I procured what seemed to be a semblance of the sandwich I had ordered.  However, my spirit was broken, because I couldn’t believe my beloved Wawa had let me down.  I wanted to complain, but it was not an incident that rose to the level of actual verbalization (although technically I’m complaining to you now).  I love Wawa, embrace Wawa, and should probably own stock in Wawa, if that’s possible. 

Ah, Louise, where are you when I need you?

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4 Responses to Where is Louise? – The Wawa Paradox

  1. Mary Pontius says:

    I know the WaWa let down and have found that the “new” automated ordering system is JUST NOT THE SAME! Sandwiches were best when you could direct the construction of the sandwich….just a tiny bit of mayo and a good helping of mustard, two slices of American cheese and three Swiss…oh, yeah a few hot pepers, etc. I am also sad. Ellen I feel your pain! BTW WaWa is still privately owned…no stock.

  2. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    Sad to hear about the peppers, rather than pepper. Now, had they been the Peruvian peppers, would it have been better?

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