Puff Daddy

I woke up yesterday with a swollen eye.  It would be convenient and sensational to say that my husband beat me up, but fortunately this did not happen.  As I pondered the monstrosity of puffiness in my ocular area, I searched for possible causes:  contaminated eye makeup, bug bite, allergies, etc.  None of these seemed to be the reason.  I then began reviewing what I had had to eat the day before, and realized that I had ordered the Mediterranean Wrap from Au Bon Pain.  This luscious wrap has field greens, roasted red pepper hummus, feta, tomato, Kalamata olives,, cucumber and sun dried tomato relish.  Unfortunately, I found out it also has 1770 mg of sodium.  Yes, folks, you read it right.  1770 mg of eye-puffiness inducing salt!  The fact that I have not swelled up like a circus balloon ready to pop is a miracle. 

Since I am not the type who runs to the doctor for every little medical infraction, I handled this in my usual manner – I ignored it.  By yesterday evening the swelling had gone down considerably and I was on the road to recovery.  Or so I thought.  Today I woke up with the same swollen, puffy eye.  No theme from Rocky was playing, just the thought of “Oh, shit, it’s not even sunny out today.  I can’t hide behind my sunglasses.”  I let hot shower water pulsate over my eyes, with some minor success.  I put on my eye makeup as usual (and don’t get me started – there was no way in hell I was leaving the house without makeup) and set out for the train. 

I’m still convinced that this is a reaction to the overdose of sodium from the sandwich, and I am sad that I will not longer be able to include this lunchtime treat in my repertoire.  I am, however, going to pay much closer attention to the salt and sugar in the foods I eat.   Out of convenience, cost and expediency we have replaced flavor with salt and sugar, instead of looking for healthier ways to convey deliciousness.  What appeared to be a “healthy” sandwich was instead the catalyst for a sucker-punched puffed up eye.  And I didn’t even make it to the last round.

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