The Boob Job

And no, I’m not talking about our last president.  I am talking about having breast augmentation surgery. 

Today, June 11, 2010, my friend’s friend is having breast augmentation surgery in Philadelphia.  She is 45 years old, has been married about 20 years, and has a 12 year old son.  She says she is doing it for herself, but her husband has been bugging her for years to have it done.  My friend and I think she feels pressured to do this to keep her marriage intact.

I have much to say on this subject.  While I am glad that breast augmentation exists for those who want it, and more so breast reconstruction for those who have had mastectomies, I don’t understand the fascination with huge breasts.  Before you start to chuckle and say “Isn’t it obvious – men love large breasts” let me ply you with a few observations I have made over the past 49-plus years.

No. 1 – Bigger isn’t always better.  Most women with large breasts do not exude a sexy profile.  Their breasts make them look fat, disproportioned, matronly, and often times uncomfortable. 

No. 2 – Many women with large breasts are not empowered by having them, but instead are embarrassed, self-conscious, or inconvenienced by them.  Woman with extremely large breasts (bigger than a D cup) have reported severe problems with back and shoulder pain.  Many seek breast reduction surgery to alleviate the discomfort they suffer.

No. 3 – Clothes do not look better on women with large breasts.  Why do you think most models are flat-chested?  The clothes drape better, the silhouette of the outfit is an “unbroken” line, and the entire female form conveys the attitude of the designer, without any of the obvious distractions.

Without getting into a doctoral dissertation on the subject, the reasons for our fascination with large breasts are obvious and numerous – they are part and parcel of the physical manifestations of female sexuality.  Today, however, the line has been blurred.  We can’t see the forest for the trees.  Women who want large breasts and the men who admire them do not seek the beauty of the female breast in its natural form.  Somehow a circus mentality has entered the picture – water balloons placed under the breast bone and secured with sutures have become the new norm/fantasy.  Have you ever seen pictures of women with boob jobs?  Their breasts start somewhere about 1 inch below their chins.  The lovely sloping shape of the natural upper breast has been replaced with a spherical orb of saline or silicone.  In an age where we’re “going green” this is about as unnatural as you can get.  Yes, many think this is attractive.  But I will push the envelope and say that their sense of aesthetics has been skewed by the media (and by the surgeons who perform these operations) to the point where largeness, in spite of its ugliness, is the goal, not beauty.

And in this fix-it society we live in, when we will stop resembling ourselves and start becoming caricatures?  I am glad I am comfortable in my own skin.  I have a healthy dose of body satisfaction and self-esteem to avoid pursuing unnecessary surgical procedures.  My husband loves me completely.  I guess my cup(s) runneth over.

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