Cocktail Hour

I am not a morning person.  Let me repeat – I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.   Yes, I just shouted it out.  It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get – I never feel lively, chipper, fully awake, ready to go, engines at full blast, in the morning.  I don’t linger in bed, but I do get ready for work in a zombie-like fashion.  The hot water of the shower is an absolute necessity.  It is quite effective as a transitional facilitator.  However, nothing, not even a strong cup of coffee, gets me up and going. 

So, I ask you, who are these “morning people?”  You know who I’m talking about.  The ones that are up at 5:30 a.m. for an hour of exercise, followed by packing their kids’ lunches, making a few business calls, and then getting ready for work.  They’re smiling, they have a spring to their step, and they look like they can conquer the world.  Sometimes I am envious of them.  I’d like to be that person.  I’ve even tried to be that person, with no success.  The closest I’ve come to being a morning person (and this is a stretch) is when I’ve taken a vacation day from work and am going to New York by train for a fun day in the city.  For that, I’ll get my sorry ass out of bed and make the effort.  Again, I’m still not awake, just motivated. 

I am a cocktail hour person.  Around 4:00 p.m. I start to come alive.  Now granted, I often have a late afternoon lull which requires some kind of sugar fix.  I find that fruit is the best antidote for this system glitch.  At this time of day I am awake due to several factors:  the first, I know I’ll be done work soon; the second, I know I can unwind at home and relax with my husband and son.  In the morning I enter into a semi-comatose state on the train and wake up in time to disembark at my station.  I also like a quick nap on the commute home, but this is just a refresher for the evening’s activities. 

I don’t think there is a cure for this, and I’m not sure it’s something that has to be fixed.  However, every so often I would like to wake up feeling like I’m ready to tackle the world and all its infinite possibilities.  For now, I’m going back to bed.

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