The Beach – Two Ways

There are two ways to enjoy the beach – the first is to actually go to the beach.  The second is to indulge in Bobbi Brown’s “Beach” fragrance.  Let’s talk about the fragrance first.  What is the one manufactured smell that most of us growing up associated with the beach?  Coppertone.  Now, take that smell, make it more sophisticated, add some jasmine and driftwood and other notes, and there you have it.  The perfect summer scent.  It’s not meant to be a serious perfume.  And just like the rule about wearing white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the rule applies to this perfume as well. 

Why do I love this perfume?  First of all, it’s a mood enhancer.  I always feel “up” after spraying some on myself.  And while it does have a synthetic quality to it, part of its appeal is that it does smell like something synthetic – Coppertone.  Once you get past the opening notes, which can be somewhat astringent, it softens on the nose and becomes mellower and more floral and marine-like.  I love sniffing my forearm in the middle of the day – instant mental transport to the beach.  Accept it for what it is – bottled escapism and fantasy at an affordable price.

And now, to the other beach.  You know, the one I lust about but don’t get to as often as I’d like.  Does it come as a surprise to you that water has such tremendous healing powers?  Just the sound of waves cresting and breaking relaxes the mind and body.  Sand, a natural exfoliator, also seems to scrub away the last vestiges of everyday worries.  The sky, blue and eternally sunny, holds a billion diamonds of light keep us warm and freckled.  Find a good book or magazine, gather a bunch of friends, put on a bathing suit (and don’t worry about whether you look good in it), and enjoy the sun and surf.   The restorative power of a day at the beach trumps any pill you can pop.  And if a few young, “ripped” guys happen to walk by, let them distract you.   After all, the horizon line is wherever you want it to be.

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