We’re on the front end of a three-day weekend.  So relax.  Take some time for yourself.  Stop trying to cram in too much “life” and instead, just “live.”  We have taken it upon ourselves to overschedule.  Parents with kids who play a zillion sports and are in a multitude of extra-curricular activities, acting as elitist chauffeurs with their high-end SUVs, texting on their Blackberries or talking on their cells, multitasking, mind you, but never getting it all done.  Take a step back – relax!

Let’s take a breather from all of the errands, appointments, social obligations and self-imposed directives and just unschedule our lives for 24 hours.  This weekend many of us have that extra day – Monday.  I am giving you permission to take a break from it all.  Delegate, if you must, just to keep your sanity.  Or swap, if necessary.  You go crazy on Saturday, your partner on Sunday.  This way, both of you can have some well-deserved “down time.” 

It’s okay not to go to a 4th of July barbecue, not to have people over for drinks, and not to take the kids to a different activity each day.  Let them entertain themselves.  This generation does not know how to spend quiet time alone.  I am fortunate to have a son who is an only child.   It may sound like he is lonely, but he is, in fact, quite good at entertaining himself, whether it be by reading a book, riding his bike, or watching a movie.  We do take it upon ourselves to show him a good time, like tonight when I take him to the local carnival for rides, games, and lots of enticing junk food.  However, there’s a balance here that’s extremely rewarding.  He is learning to become self-sufficient and happy in his own company, and we are learning to enjoy the art of “just being.” 

Take a walk.  Plant some herbs.  Smell some flowers.  And, if you feel like reconnecting with the outside world, go ahead, knowing you’re doing it because you want to, not because you feel obligated to engage in social intercourse. 

Relax.  The choice is yours.

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