Laminated List

We all have a laminated list.  Some of us don’t discuss it as freely as others, but we all have one.  You know what I’m talking about.  That list of five people we are allowed to sleep with (yes, I mean have sex with, not slumber peacefully with) should we ever have the opportunity.  Not five ordinary people, but five famous people.

My husband and I both have our lists.  We allow each other to review and revise them annually.  We are both perfectly comfortable with the idea that the chances of this list being used are minimal to nil, but that if ever the opportunity were to present itself that we would enthusiastically support each other in the pursuit of “checking one off the list.”  So, I ask you, who is on your laminated list?  Mine has changed over the years, but has included in random order:  Chris Noth, Daniel Craig, Timothy Dalton, Alan Rickman (yes, I have a penchant for English dudes and James Bond actors), Val Kilmer (during his Top Gun years, not now), Stanley Tucci, Alex O’Loughlin, Stephen Dillane, etc.  My husband’s has changed over the years as well, but has included in random order:  Anne Archer, Sharon Lawrence, Charlotte Rampling, Faye Dunaway (in her youth), etc.

You can rev up a dinner party or any gathering but asking who is on someone’s laminated list.  It gives you a window into their real personality.  People love talking about it, and it doesn’t seem to threaten anyone’s relationship with their spouse or significant other.  Just remember, your heart is truly laminated to your one and only, and this is the most important list of all.

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2 Responses to Laminated List

  1. SUSAN says:

    I know you will be adding Max Ryan to the revised list this year!!!!

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