One of life’s most sybaritic experiences is to get a pedicure.  Those of you fortunate enough to have indulged in this ritual know what I’m talking about.  I was not part of the pedicure crowd until late in life.  Well, I can tell you I’m making up for lost time. 

What an absolutely delightful ritual!  The pedicure typically calls for sitting in a large leather recliner-like chair that usually has a massage modem attached.  Anything from knead to pulse, neck to back, left to right.  A nice little extra right from the get go.  Then, your unsightly feet are submerged in a basin of warm swirling water.  The technician, who is seated on a low stool at the front of the chair and basin, brings one or both feet out of the water to remove any polish from the previous pedicure.  She (I will defer to the feminine pronoun) will rub some cuticle softener onto your toes and resubmerge them for a minute or two.  Then out comes the first foot.  At this stage your toe nails are clipped, your cuticles are cleaned up, and your toe nails are filed.  After each foot has received this treatment they are placed back into the water.  Out comes the exfoliating scrub.  The technician takes a hard sponge or similar device and starts vigorously rubbing the soles of your feet to get off dead skin and smooth callouses.  Your heels are buffed as well.  They will also take some mild foaming soap and scrub the top of your feet and toe nails.  Again, your feet are submerged in the soothing water.  Then, your feet are rinsed off with cool water and the your feet and legs are dried with a towel.  Lotion is applied to your legs and feet and you then receive one of the best massages of your life.  After oohing and aahing your toes are sprayed with water and wiped clean to remove any excess lotion.  The technician then puts incredibly thin disposable flip flops on your feet and separates your toes with toe separators.  Your toenails are then primed with a base coat of clear, followed by two coats of whatever nail polish color you have selected, and then a final clear topcoat.  At this point you can barely move, but you are forced to leave your massage chair and dry your toes under a dryer.  This is very important because the last thing you want to do is mess a beautiful pedicure by rushing out of the salon without the polish being thoroughly dry.  Magazines are usually available to read to pass the time and some quick drying spray is almost always ready at hand for a final spritz. 

Your spirits have been lifted, your feet look phenomenal, and you have just pampered one of the most important parts of your body.  And should anyone inquire about the importance of a pedicure, remind them that if a body part has its own doctor assigned to it (podiatrist), it must be pretty darn important.  You’re just doing your part to keep all of your extremities in tip top condition.  So go ahead and pamper your dogs – they’ll be barking happily afterwards.

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