I Go With My Partner

“I go with my partner.” – Det. Buddy Russo (Roy Scheider) from The French Connection, speaking to his captain about agreeing with Det. Jimmy Doyle’s (Gene Hackman) hunches regarding a possible heroin shipment coming in to the states.

I went with my partner as well.  We decided to have our taxes prepared by an accountant in light of the fact that we had just purchased our first home and wanted to make sure all of our ducks were lined up correctly.   Although we were due a first time home buyer tax credit of $8,000, my husband had inadvertently not taken enough deductions from his paycheck, so we knew it would pretty much be an even wash.  The accountant came up with a figure of us owing the government $72.00.  My husband questioned this amount, citing that we had already been penalized for cashing out a 401(K) and that we weren’t supposed to be penalized twice.  The accountant’s explanation did nothing to reassure my husband, so he prepared the taxes himself.  My husband asked me “Are you okay with me filing the taxes with my numbers?” and I immediately replied “I go with my partner.” 

And I’m glad I did.  Yesterday we received a refund check for $928.00.  That’s a $1,000 differential between what the accountant claimed we owed and what we received.  It boggles the mind to think that a certified public accountant could miss the boat, but he did. 

Sometimes you have to trust your gut and know that your life partner is a person you chose because they possess that je ne sais quoi that is often necessary to navigate life’s trickier tasks.  So thank you, Kurt, for being the savvy, forensically-inclined lawyer-cum-mathematician that you are.  I struck gold with you.

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