A Mother’s Love

Is there any mother out there who doesn’t think her kid is the greatest creation on earth?  Perhaps, but most of us are head over heels in love with our kids. 

I came home from work the other day to see my son with a navy bandana around his head, his thin but toned body glowing from five weeks of camp, his blonde hair poking out the sides of the scarf, his face smiling, a little dirty, but totally happy.  Ah, what joy it brought me to see him like this.  A wee bit raggamuffin, totally in the “summer zone”, and without a care in the world.  I love it when he looks this way.  In this I see his potential to enjoy himself as an adult – to let all worries drop and to be carefree and living in the moment.  How wonderful that he can achieve this nirvana at such a tender age.  I will do everything in my power to help him sustain a positive attitude, a zest for life, and a balanced outlook.

But what about the dark times?  When he has a nightmare or a bad day at school – these are the challenges that force us to step up to the plate and be a parent – to offer comfort, advice, encouragement, and love, all with the understanding that perhaps not all of it is being taken, but that it must be given freely anyway.  It is both an obligation and a pleasure to be able to give unconditional love to your child.  No child can thrive without knowing that a small measure of their purpose on this earth is to be loved unconditionally.  I think we all muddle our way through this crazy world with just a little more spring in our step when we know we are loved.

So, this is my request – that each day you make it your priority to give your love freely, to make someone feel good, and to know that it is a gift to be able to lift someone’s spirit and help them navigate the rougher passages of daily existence.  You don’t need to be a mom to do this.  You just need to have a heart.

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