Neue Galerie – NYC

The Neue Galerie is one of New York city’s greatest treasures.  I knew about the museum long before I had ever visited it.  Last June my sister-in-law and I followed up a private tour at the Met with a visit to this jewel box at 86th Street & 5th Avenue.  The museum is devoted to 20th century German and Austrian art and design.  A visit will introduce you to the works of Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, Franz Marc and the like.  Next Friday we’re going to see the Otto Dix exhibition.  But it really doesn’t matter what special exhibits are taking place, because this museum deserves your attention at all times. 

It is truly one of the most beautiful spaces to view art.  Lustrous marble staircases, intricate wrought iron banisters, parquet floors, and two lovely cafes for dining make this an irresistable destination for any art lover.  We had the pleasure of dining at Cafe Sabarsky, a wood-paneled room modeled after a Viennese cafe.  The museum store is another delight, where I found myself willingly parting with my money to purchase some intriguing books and postcards. 

The website for the museum is  A visit to this gem on museum mile will not disappoint. 

Note:  Children under 12 not admitted.

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One Response to Neue Galerie – NYC

  1. jane taubeneck says:

    def. will go there next time i’m in NY…thanks!

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