Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think of their car as a second home?  For most of us it is the second most expensive purchase we will make (our homes being the first).  People go to all lengths to customize this second home – leather upholstery, upscale stereo systems, heated seats, dvd players – enough accessories to make it an environment you don’t want to leave.  A cocoon of comfort and joy.

I didn’t want to leave my car this morning.  I was driving my 1997 Buick Park Avenue, certainly nothing that’s going to up my social status, but a huge, decade-impaired luxury car nonetheless.  It has a wonderful stereo system and I was indulging my dated and jaded taste in disco, listening to Outstanding by The Gap Band.  You remember The Gap Band, don’t you?  Crafters of Early In The Morning and You Dropped The Bomb On Me.  Well, I just sat in my car and sang a bunch of sexy, vapid lyrics until I needed to get the train.  Oh, what joy to have my very own private listening experience – unedited, uninterrupted, and totally uplifting.  In a world where social interaction is revered and yet at the same time reduced to texting and emails, it’s nice to steal a few moments alone to enjoy the solitude of an automobile’s interior.  When time and circumstance don’t allow us to hike that trail, walk along the beach, or sit by a lake, one’s car becomes one’s sanctuary.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s outstanding.

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