Nothing Special

Sometimes when people ask how your weekend was you respond “Fine.  Didn’t do anything special.”  Except, in fact, your entire weekend was special.  It was special to you, but you know on the social meter it wouldn’t rate as special to anyone else. 

Well, I just had one of those “nothing special” weekends.  My friend Karen and her daughter Laura came over Saturday for lunch.  They hopped the train from Center City to Ambler and my husband, good man that he is, picked them up at the train station to save them a long four-block walk.  They came with chips, crackers, artichoke-spinach dip, and hummus.  I prepared a lovely “ladies lunch.”  Zucchini vichysoisse soup (courtesy of The Barefoot Contessa), garnished with freshly snipped chives, a composed salad of chilled shrimp, mini mozzarella balls, pink grapefruit and avocado over spring mix with a buttermilk ranch dressing, challah (courtesy of my guests), white wine, decaf Constant Comment ice tea, and for dessert a peach-blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  As we ate and talked and laughed, we mentally and emotionally decompressed, because our guards were down.  We’ve been friends since 1988 – no pretense allowed.  A fun afternoon with two great women, yet on the social barometer of weekend specialness, others would say “nothing special.”

Yesterday my friend Cindy and her son Reese came to visit.   We both used to live in Chestnut Hill, then they moved back to Virginia and last November we moved to Ambler.  We have missed them terribly, especially since Reese and Karr are the same age.  Cindy is an amazing woman.  She was the best Home and School Association president I have ever encountered.  She is a terrific mom.   She adopted Reese when he was an infant – a single Causcasian woman who adopted an inner-city African-American child.  When Reese was born he weighed 1.5 lbs – that’s six sticks of butter, folks.  I did not know her when she was going through the adoption process, but I sure as heck know that Reese hit the jackpot when he got Cindy as his mother.  Their love knows no bounds, and when I see them together I can’t imagine it being any other way.  We were thrilled to have them to our new home and to go out for a fun dinner with the boys.  Another great afternoon with two wonderful friends, but on the social barometer of weekend specialness, others would say “nothing special.”

Superlatives aside, it was one of the most special weekends of my summer.  I can’t imagine anything better than sharing food, laughter, and good times with great friends.  No, I didn’t jet to Paris, hike the Appalachian trail or discover a cure for cancer (that I would love to do, and that would be exceptionally special), but I did savor every moment with some of my favorite people.  And that, my friends, is very special indeed.

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One Response to Nothing Special

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    Beautiful! Simply and perfectly beautiful! I have “things.” There are some “things” that would be nice to have, but I can die a happy death without them. What I want now, other than good health for everyone and world peace, are memories. Good memories. No matter the reason for them, even if it’s being there for someone when they need it. Just good memories, sharing a cup of coffee or water. Basic and simple things–they’re the best!!!

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