Parisian Almond Croissant

I have never been to Paris and I am not a huge fan of marzipan (almond paste), but whatever they are calling “Parisian Almond Croissant” at DiBruno’s and Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. is one of the most sublime pastries around.  I think it is safe to assume they are procuring these delicious curlicues of breakfast delight from the same baker, and perhaps I’ll try to find out that person’s name.  For now, all I know is that I’ve stumbled upon one of life’s greatest indulgences.

So here it is:  A crescent-shaped morsel of delicious, flaky, yeasty pastry covered in powdered sugar and sliced almonds and filled with an ever so subtle custard-like jam.  The key is that the custardy filling is not a filling per se so much as it is a smear of a custard-like substance.  Strong overtones of vanilla perfume this delicacy.  There is no almond/marzipan component to the filling, which I find much more to my liking than those marzipan slathered numbers.  The entire croissant is a delightful contrast in tastes and textures – crunchy almonds, wisps of powdered sugar, shards of richly baked dough, and a chewy, slightly creamy center all in one transformative bite.  Add to that a cup of my decaf au lait and what you have here folks is one very happy girl. 

Now, I didnt’ say this was a healthy breakfast.  But, as for matters of spiritual and emotional well-being, it ranks up there with most forms of established holistic practices as a mood lifter/enhancer.  For who doesn’t feel better after having consumed an unexpectedly sublime breakfast treat?  Knowing that this wicked combination of carbs and sugar is probably not the best breakfast choice for me only heightens my pleasure in indulging in it.  So, at least once a week I take pleasure in knowing that while I’m probably shaving years off my life physically, mentally I am achieving nirvana.  And that, my friends, is truly how a good day should start.  With heavenly bliss.

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One Response to Parisian Almond Croissant

  1. Joseph says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I am going to have to try this place. I have been trying to find a place that makes an almond croissant that even remotely resembles the ones I have had in Paris. You might be on to something here! xoj

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