WFH’g is shorthand (not in texting, just in Weiler-world) for “working from home.”  I work with people who claim they are WFH’g, but I know for a fact they are:

a.  Golfing;

b.  Gardening;

c.  At the beach;

d.  At home, but not working;


e.  A combination of all or some of the above. 

There is only one person I know of who truly is WFH’g, and this person shall remain anonymous, but this person knows who they are.   Pronouns aside, when the sun is shining after three days of bleak, cloudy summer weather, I am most positive that these WFHers are not doing any work that will earn money.  It is within their power to WHF, but why lie about it?  Why not just say “I’m going golfing today” or “I’m going to the beach.”  The transparency of the “I’m WFH’g” statement leads to too much exposure and not enough credibility.  I would have more respect if someone just said “It’s a gorgeous, sunny summer day and damn if I’m coming in to work.  I think I’ll have lunch with a friend and then go shopping.” or “There’s only two more weeks before Labor Day and I want to have a day to play outside and take a nap in my hammock.” 

I can’t phone in my job.  Maybe one day I’ll pursue a career where I can say ‘I’m WFH’g.”  Until then, I’m parked at the office and waiting for my hour of structured freedom at lunch. 

Signing off,

Cubicle Bound

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2 Responses to WFH’g

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    I DO know someone who truly does work when he is WFH: my son-in-law Jay. In fact, he puts in more time and dedication to his job than probably anyone else in his company. Sometimes, he gets “wild and crazy” and actually goes to the kitchen to grab something to eat and return to his home office. Five minutes. Maybe, ten. Not many are as conscientious as Jay.

    The WFHers, even those whom you know full well aren’t working on job-related duties, are easier to digest than the ones who do come into the office and spend the majority of the day “goofing off.” Unfortunately, there are way too many of them. I have seen that more times than I care to remember. They need to be fired and to be replaced by those who do put in a good day’s work.

    So, if I had to choose between the two annoyances, I would rather NOT have it in my face and prefer to have them “WFH,” as they would like one to think.

  2. Janet says:

    I can WFM but I want the people and interaction. Amen for structure that allows the sum to be greater than the parts.

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