Fashioning Fall

It’s about time we discussed what to wear this fall.  With a tanked economy, less than model-thin waistlines, and limited patience with trends, it is time to return to the classics.

I am not a label “ho”, but I do believe in buying less and buying better quality items (label-laden or label-free).  Some of this season’s trends worth embracing are the classic camel coat (Note:  I, unfortunately, won’t be embracing this because I look awful in anything camel-colored), the navy blazer (love it!) and leopard print (j’adore, j’adore!).  I just visited Coach’s website, and their classic leather bags of yesteryear look fresh after so many seasons of logos, chains, grommets and doodads.  I am forever wed to charcoal grey, which is “my black” and adore anything burgundy or navy with a pop of white.  Oxford shoes and a deep rich burgundy lipstick are also in my stars.  I’ve been thinking about a revival of my pearl wardrobe.  A few really long strands of pearls a la Chanel will up my wattage, along with some fabulously long leather gloves.  I have neglected my winter wardrobe for a few years now, and I don’t want to fall any deeper into a fashion rut.  I believe that you can enjoy embracing fashion without sacrificing individuality.  In fact, the entire point of fashion is carve your own niche while embracing novelty and ingenuity.  And, while every day may not be a red letter day as a fashionista, feeling good in one’s skin and one’s clothes is an important part of how we project ourselves to others.  If we make no effort, the message is clear – we don’t care.  Like a resume submitted with typos, an outfit donned without thought or care or preparation isn’t worth the body it’s draped on.  It leaves your soul bare and exposed.  And, in a sense, this “nakedness” is perhaps a far better look than the haphazard effort you’re wearing. 

So, I ask you, which person will you to choose to be?  The person who is ready to face the world, head on, and tackle the day with determination, or just another body roaming the planet directionless and forgettable.  Make your mark, aim high, and dress to kill.

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One Response to Fashioning Fall

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:

    Autumn is my favorite season! Love the clothes, as much as I love the weather. Camel is THE color for the upcoming season. Too bad that I donated my gorgeous cashmere, camel-colored coat. Long and classic. But, I was tiring of it and had so many coats from which to choose. Guess I’ll have to wear one of my other ones. By the way, the cashmere coat that I just referred to, was one of my excellent buys at Goodwill.

    True, about putting some effort into whatever it is that you want to wear. Show that you care, even if your outfit does not include the season’s trend. Be your own trend-setter. Launder or dry-clean the clothes and do press them. There nothing that is appealing about the “just slept in my clothes and rolled out of bed” look.

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