Is everyone famous today?  Are we not all one or two steps away from some type of recognition, notoriety, or internet-driven popularity?

I used to be able to keep up with the so-called stars.  Now everyone is a star, yet they need not have done anything of “star” quality.  They don’t have to act, sing, dance, write, or design.  They simply have to exist.  I’m a star, you’re a star, we’re all stars.  The fame game knows no bounds.  Reality television has transformed the most useless, talentless, vapid and uninspiring people into overnight sensations.  People pretend that they are not interested in these newly minted famous faces, but they must be, because these are the same people who buy tabloids, People magazine, and follow these useless creatures on Twitter etc.  Have we become so disenchanted with our own lives that anyone else’s life (and more importantly, the life of a stranger) is more interesting?  Have we given up all hope of living our own rewarding lives?  This vicarious living (a lesser form of voyeurism) is sucking the life force out of millions.  We need to refocus.  Regroup.  Turn inwards.  

A little escapism is acceptable.  We all need it.  It takes the edge off of life’s everyday turmoil.  But enough is enough.  Read a book.  Volunteer at a food bank.  Do a friend a favor and babysit their child.  Plant a garden.  Learn a new language.  But most of all, live your own life.  Create excitement.  Extend a helping hand.  Unlease your inner passivity and become engaged with others.  The best reality is the one you create for yourself.  No outside help necessary.

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2 Responses to Fame

  1. Karen Lynch-Schirra says:


  2. Maybe add, “Get to know yourself”, to the list.
    Your social commentary is quite on target.

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