Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is more than just a three-day holiday.  It is the following:

1.  The end of summer.  Technically not true, but we all know the essence of summer is from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

2.  The beginning of the school year.  Even those without children still tend to view time in terms of “the start of the school year.”

3.  With No. 2 in mind, the beginning of the homework headaches.  Ah, how lovely it was to spend an entire 12 weeks with no homework assignments, no volcanoes to create, no mid-term meltdowns.  As of Tuesday, it all returns.

4.  The beginning of the end of some great summer produce – corn, tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, peaches.  This makes me sad, but also makes me appreciate them that much more.

5.  The Christmas countdown.  We still have sand in our toes and tan lines, yet we’ll be bombarded with Christmas paraphernalia and the dreaded countdown.  I’d love to see a return to the tradition of the Christmas season starting the day after Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I doubt this will ever happen.

6.  The beginning of football season.  This means less to me than to some of you, but I will acknowledge its overall importance in the scheme of things.

7.  The end of going sockless.  Less socks, less laundry.

8.  Darker days.  I’m going to miss all of that sunshine and late night evenings watching the sun set.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  Welcome to fall.

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2 Responses to Labor Day Weekend

  1. Well said!!
    The only thing I could add is to qualify #6 as the beginning of the PSU football season.
    Your blog is the best thing I have read on the web since Obama was elected.

  2. Colleen Cuba says:

    I love your blog, Ellen! I, too, am so sad to see the summer season come to an end. I plan to enjoy the final “official” days of summer that actually do remain by still wearing my summer clothing and soaking up the final rays of the summer sun (today was a beautiful day). School got underway here today as well. Not looking forward to all the homework, the schedule, etc. either. I am already missing our lazy days at the pool:(

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