Today I left my cell phone at home.  I was charging it, and left it on the windowsill.  Now I feel naked.  How is it that one small device can wield such power over us?  I have spent most of my life without a cell phone.  I managed quite well.  Yet, like the unrelenting grasp of a cocaine addiction, I feel out of sorts and vulnerable without my cell phone “fix.”  I don’t make any calls on it while I am at work because I get no reception in my building.  However, it is important for communication on the commute home should I need to pick up my son or handle some other emergency.

When I discovered I left my phone at home, the first thing I had to do was calm myself and realize that everything would be okay, that life would continue without it.  Also, I had to readjust my game plan for an after work event where coordination with my husband was necessary.  Thus, a reworked game plan has been crafted where communication by phone is not part of the equation.  Lastly, I have to let go of my need to be “connected” every moment.  It’s okay to be unreachable.  Perhaps if I shroud myself in a little mystery, people will want to connect with me more often.  I’m wondering, is a “cell-less” life possible?  Can I adopt a Luddite mentality and forego technology altogether?  I think the answer is “probably not” but I’m willing to bet that with a showing of a little inner fortitude I can reduce my level of panic when I find myself “unconnected.”

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2 Responses to Dependency

  1. Julie Seavy says:

    Ellen, I just forgot mine at home today and feel the same as you did yesterday. I nearly turned around to get it, but stopped when I realized that I was closer to work than to home. But, I felt it necessary to email all these people who ‘might’ call or text me telling them I forgot it . . .

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