Did You Miss Me? A Sales Force and Tour de Force

Okay, so I was out sick on Monday and I didn’t have time to blog yesterday.  I hope you missed my wit and verve. 

I am in the midst of selling wrapping paper and other assorted and sundry items for my son’s school.  It is, indeed, fundraising time.  A time when all parents are forced to assault their friends and beg them to buy useless crap from a catalog.  Stuff they never wanted but stuff you now have to convince them they desperately need.  I always begin my plea with the proviso that I’ll still be your friend if you don’t make a purchase.  I realize that we are all plagued with these requests, and I empathize with our mutual plight.  However, I do summon the requisite assertiveness and courage to “make the ask” because I know that supporting my son’s school is, in fact, a means of supporting my son.  So, being the typical gung-ho fundraiser that I am, I have chosen to plunge ahead and face this task with as much dignity as possible.  And, like the pain of childbirth, perhaps my friends will forget that I delivered the same cry for help last year and are in the mood for a little frivolous shopping.  I’ll be calling you soon.

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2 Responses to Did You Miss Me? A Sales Force and Tour de Force

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