Yesterday brought us our first taste of raw, damp, fall weather.  People were wearing jackets, and there was a collective mental sigh because everyone knew that summer was over.  A precursor to the winter ahead, the weather was more a barometer of mood than atmospheric fluxuations. 

Jackets were donned, long sleeves made their debut, and thoughts ran to simmering soups and stews.  Ah, but there was one thing missing.  Arriving home to a house that felt cold, even though the thermostat read 68 degrees, I couldn’t shake that feeling that I needed to get warm.  After taking a long hot shower and settling into a nice pair of pajamas, I realized the answer was just the flick of a switch away.  Turn on the fireplace!  Yes, the warm glow of our new gas fireplace crackling against the dark shadows cast by an ever growing early sundown.  Within ten minutes the place was cozy, the temperature had gone up one degree, and we were all esconced in an embrace of coziness.  In a few more weeks we’ll up the ante and add some hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream and preview some seasonally appropriate movies.  

I encourage you to take the opportunity to turn a raw, damp day into a day of cuddling, snuggling and bonding with your family.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Yup, always a good move.

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