Town & Country

Town & Country is one of my favorite magazines.  It captures the lifestyle of high society, cataloguing their exploits and accomplishments and their vacations and homes.  Most importantly, it showcases the types of luxury goods that these individuals are in the habit of purchasing.  However, one thing that they have and that you can have too, if you want it, is access to some of the funniest and quirkiest names on the planet.  Not an issue goes by where I haven’t chuckled out loud at these so-called “normal” monikers. 

Here are some examples from the current issue:

Zach Bogue

Starlite Randall (who just happens to be Marisa Berenson’s daughter)

Tripler Pell

Tawfik Hammoud

Topsy Taylor (how about Topsy Turvy, while we’re at it!)

Mandana Rivka Dayani

Other society names that I adore:

Tinsley Mortimer

Zani Gugelmann

Ferebee Bishop Taube

Muffie Potter Aston

Byrdie Bell

Celerie Kemble and her husband, Boykin Curry – their son’s name is Ravenel, and he’s known as Rascal, and their daughter’s name is Zinnia

Bronson van Wyck

Coralie Charriol Paul

Now folks, there are plenty more fun names out there, and I try not to pick on ethnic names (most of the time), which may sound funny to us but are not unusual in the person’s own country.  I enjoy a unique name, which is why my husband and I did not go with a popular name for our son.  However, some names do rise to the level of laughable and absurd.  Please send me your submissions of real names that you find hilarious.  Let’s laugh together.

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One Response to Town & Country

  1. Dave Block says:

    I know a guy whose name is Clay Coffee.

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