I am really enjoying the build-up to Halloween this year.  My son, who has chosen to be a ghoulish vampire, is parading in his costume at school today, followed by a party at my husband’s firm that will include candy, magicians, and dinner.   He’ll squeeze in an ice skating birthday party tonight as well.  Tomorrow he will have friends over to make caramel and chocolate dipped apples, eat pizza, carve pumpkins and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  Sunday he will don his costume again and for the first time go trick or treating in our new neighborhood.  Also a first – we’ll be handing out candy after 23 years of apartment living with no candy hand-out obligations.

First, a confession.  I am allowing my son to have some friends over to make caramel apples because I love caramel apples.  Several years ago my friend Cindy and I made a bunch, first letting the caramel set and then dipping them into melted dark chocolate, followed by a coating of pecan bits.  Oh, pure heaven!  I am quite partial to using Granny Smith apples.  The tart bite is a nice counterpoint to the ultra rich exterior.  However, I will be purchasing some red apples as well, since most kids tend to prefer them. 

I have also purchased Halloween sprinkles, fall-themed sprinkles, and sliced almonds for the apple exteriors.  I’m not sure how much fun the kids will have, but my mouth is already watering in anticipation of this once-a-year treat.  I’m also counting on my son scoring a ton of candy at the party given by my husband’s workplace.  Last year the count was 120.  With the stash he raked in at Halloween (a rainy night, to boot) it was well over 200 pieces of candy.  I am confident he’ll do just as well this year.

The bottom line is this – Halloween is about channeling your inner child (much like Christmas), having fun with your kids, and eating a whole lot of junk.  What a blessed holiday indeed.

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